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As a member of Australia’s largest podiatry group, My FootDr Singapore is dedicated to providing world-class treatment. Our clinic is equipped with state of the podiatry equipment, taking a sophisticated, modern and digital approach to delivering world class podiatry care.

All of our practitioners regularly attend continuing professional development courses in order to stay at the top of their game and provide you with the very best podiatric and osteopathic treatment available today. This, along with our innovative clinical systems, ensure all treatments meet the highest standards. Our friendly and highly efficient administrative staff are well-trained to ensure that every aspect of your needs are met at our clinic.

Podiatrist Foot Check

Clinical Podiatry

Our centres provide the full scope of clinical podiatry including comprehensive foot assessments, various treatments and surgery.

Custom Foot Orthotics to fit

Custom Foot Orthotics

Our custom foot orthotics are manufactured with precision from digital foot scans in-house, and are typically available on the same day.

Thumbnail Gait Analysis

Video Gait Analysis

We use this advanced form of motion analysis to assist us in diagnosing complex motion-related pathology of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and lower back.

Foot Laser Treatment

Lunula Laser Treatment

We offer highly effective laser treatments designed to treat fungal nails: the Lunula Laser.

Biothesiometer Diabetic Patient Feet Nerve Neurological Test

Diabetic Footcare

Regular podiatric care plays an integral role in the prevention of diabetic foot complications.

Thumbnail Custom Orthopaedic Footwear

Custom Footwear

Whether it is custom-made medical grade footwear, elegant and stylish custom-made fashion shoes, orthopaedic or fashion sandals through to any footwear modification imaginable, we’ve got it covered.

Toenail Clipping

Aged Footcare

With Singapore’s advancing aged population, it has never been more important to highlight foot care in the elderly.

TAG Brace

TAG Brace

The TAG Brace utilises patented prosthetic suspension technology, completely offloading the foot and ankle complex and eliminating pressure and shear, healing the most stubborn of foot ulcerations.

Chris Gayle Custom Cricket Shoes

Custom Cricket Shoes

Custom Cricket Shoes is the world’s leading cricket shoe spiking, modifications and orthotics provider.

Custom White Sandals

Custom Orthotic Sandals

mySandal custom made sandals incorporate your orthotic prescription directly into the manufacturing process with their own choice of colour and style.

Thumbnail KeryFlex

Cosmetic Nail Restoration

KeryFlex is a safe application that restores the appearance of patients’ natural nails. The product allows the podiatrist to remodel patients’ nails affected by fungus, dystrophies and trauma to restore the appearance of the nail immediately.


Shockwave Therapy

At My Foot Dr Singapore, we use shockwave therapy to treat Achilles tendonopathy, plantar fasciitis/fasciopathy, painful trigger points, and other musculoskeletal disorders of the foot and lower limb.


Footwear Advice

See our large range of footwear brands available at selected podiatry clinics.

Cycling Cyclists

Cycling Orthotics

Carbon cycling orthotics conform to the exact contours of your feet, improving foot mechanics, comfort and overall performance.



Cryotherapy is a highly effective treatment that removes verruca lesions by using nitrogen to freeze tissue.

MFD Services Osteopathy And Podiatry Synergy


Osteopathy helps relieve issues such as joint pain and sport injuries, as well as the side effects of biomechanical foot injuries.

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