Podiatry Tips

My FootDr podiatrist, Charles with Lunula Laser at Camden Medical Centre

Why do we have to see a podiatrist? Think about how long we spend on our feet, it is not hard to realise to the importance of looking after our feet.
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feet with heels

Do you experience pain when wearing your heels? Do your feet ache after walking a short distance? Did you know you can wear high heels with increase comfort – it just takes a little know-how – or a good podiatrist. Of course, high heels are bad for your feet regardless of what we do and […]

Featured Image for Growiing feet

Your 6-year-old daughter/son wakes up in the middle of the night complaining of throbbing pains and aches in their legs. You massage them a little and soothe her as much as you can, you may give a mild painkiller or even use ice or heat. Your unsure whether to take her to the doctor and […]


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